Visual Recognition

Identifying objects located on a picture or on a video thanks to Artificial Intelligence powered solution. The LotusX Visual Recognition Tool is also capable of providing metadata that enables intelligent analytics and can effectively highlight objects on pictures and can have a wide range of applications in Controller Design or decision making scenarios.

Applications and Data Types:

  • Identifying and Tracking people – analyzing flow in shopping malls, work places, public spaces are key factors in understanding the future of your business. Also measuring queues using camera data in a short time and detecting anomalies can be key product applications for your business.
  • Behavioral analysis – recognizing emotions based on facial expressions at an ATM Machine or detection of eye movement as a data pre-processing stage – where the clients are looking, what attracts them are two scenarios that we have worked in the past.
  • Objects detection and classification – item classification especially for satellite images analysis, image sorting and puzzle making and detection of different types of terrain using drone or satellite data are few data types and applications that we have worked with. We are familiar with different telemetry and GPS data types as well and ready to meet and discuss potential applications that can be developed using your own data.