Predictive Platforms

Releasing potential of historical data to predict the future. Processing huge data sets in a very short time and conducting data science intelligently. LotusX Predictive Platform is a Big Data analytics solution based on our original algorithms and different data sets that we have worked with in the past.

Applications and Data Types:

  • Market recommendations – personalized and targeted marketing based on Point of Sales (POS) data is used for tracking consumer insights. We have made recommendations based for clients based on their business case and we are happy to discuss how our software can be used for your case.
  • Predictive maintenance – preventing equipment failure by performing proactive maintenance and detecting anomalies based on health patterns are two common applications. We will deliver a customized App that uses our model for your business in a competitive time frame.
  • Network security – We are also keen on threat detection based on prediction for server automatized diagnosis applications. Contact us to see how this applications can be tailored for your product.

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