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Machine Learning is now commonly used in structural monitoring of helicopters and Aircrafts for example in predicting fatigue life of fire fighting A/C it’s crucial to use as much data as possible and every vehicle would have its own model and features unique to its design and operating conditions.
Four common data types that LotusX have extensively worked with are: building around identity management products and services such as relationship analytics and user reputation valuations. The second major field is Risk Management related data platforms and services that allow organizations to better manage risk. The third category are SaaS-Based enterprise bidding solutions that often rely heavily on a complex set of data and user interaction very often over a period of time. And finally, the fourth group of data in the Insurance and Health industry is personal health management solutions. Some startups that each related to these groups are Privo, Ion Channel, Quantuvis and b.well.
Yes, we have done collaborative work both for training (Parallel R Libraries, GPU and CPU multithreading in Python, Penn State 2015) and on a consulting basis with computational grants. (Using CTScan of Bones for Statistical Learning- Department of Archaeology, Penn State)
Machine Learning based knowledge discovery in Aerospace, Energy and Health Industry. While we are still a consulting service a lot of what is provided to a client is unique to the client data and promise a competitive timeline of delivery which makes our automated process a competitive candidate for prototyping ideas from the internal teams, especially non-engineering teams as a proof of concept. Unlike traditional data mining, AI-assisted Knowledge Discovery is not limited to a static, pre-determined dataset. Instead, a simulator by itself can be used as an oracle to generate new data. This data is intelligently out-sourced from a numerical model, hence the need for a subject-matter expert input, to answer a designed question. For example, Imagine 10 models, 100 experiments and all the possible pipelines! This type of collaboration is one of the core competencies of LotusX. LotusX today has more automation built-in at its core services than many traditional consulting groups.
The fastest way is to email us or call us at 985-441-9103. We prefer emails and your name and your title in your division and we will be back with you in less than 48 hours – sometimes even in few minutes!
LotusX is in the city of brotherly love, Philadelphia, very close to the University City and Center City area.

LotusX has a Partnership with AWS since 2017 and besides that most our Data Science prototyping is done using Python and R. We often also provide Python and R Notebooks which is very helpful to internal teams as a sandbox to throw in new ideas. Please check out the list of Case studies to find more details on the libraries and packages that have been utilized for each project.
Internal Technical Sales position.

LotusX is an Aerospace Consulting firm with a variety of Data products in Data Management and Machine Learning. The Data Entry position would be working with the current databases and data forms that we have over the years from various clients. Should be comfortable learning new technologies and industry solutions. Having experience with other data pipelining and virtualization tools like Docker would also be beneficial.

We strongly recommend AWS or direct mail depending on your data size. If you don’t have an account on AWS we will do the Data Migration and ETL required. We also offer consultation to remove identifiable information.
Not yet, we are in the process of acquiring ITAR compliance.